02 February 2017

April 2015 - July 2015

Apoptosis is a multiplayer Real-Time-Strategy where the battles take place in the world of the microscopic. The player takes control of a group of cells with varied attributes and taking advantage of the environment and the ability to replicate - attempts to destroy the opponent's cells.
The player begins the game with the basic type of cells and aims to increase their number as soon as possible, while the opponent does the same. Cells have a store of protein which they use to stay alive and split.
The player selects, controls and orders his units around the battle map seeking more advantageous areas. Such areas exist in in the form of Cold or Hot spots where respective units gain special abilities such as morph/transform into more advanced entities. It is thus the objective of the player to harvest resources, position and evolve his units and prevent the opponent from doing the same.

Personal Contributions

* Gameplay Design
* Level Design
* Fog of War
* Enemy AI design and scripting



Android Installer Windows Installer



Windows 8.1 or above
A DirectX 11 compatable device


Kitkat or above