Full Sail

03 February 2017

Feb. 2016 - Jun. 2016

Full Sail is a sea faring game, where you start as a unrecognized pirate. Who wants to make their name in history. When you are at sea, you can destroy ships, break sails, board other ships. Doing what ever it take for the world to know your name and become King of the pirates.
At port, upgrade your ships in various ways that fit your playstyle. Buy crew to keep the ship going, food to keep your crew from dying, and rum well you’re a pirate why not?! Rum helps with your boarding strength against other ships. One pirate with rum is worth more than that of three without.

Personal Contributions

* Concept and Design
* Memory Manager
* Particle System
* HUD and UIs

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Project Page Source Installer



Windows 8.1 or above
A DirectX 11 compatable device