Football Heroes Turbo

01 December 2018

May 2018 - September 2018

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Pixel Trip

12 May 2017

Pixel Trip May. 2017 The fast paced adrenaline pumping color tile matching game! All you have to do is match a single set of four colored tiles on a grid as quickly as you can! Try Grid Attack where the complexity grows as each grid gets larger, try Survival where you travel to each grid with a quick zoom, and finally play Time Attack where you have to race against yourself! Post your High Scores and challenge your friends to beat it!

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Untitled Prototype

27 March 2017

March. 2017 Untitled is an adventure genre prototype game where one or two players survive in a random procedural generated world. It's for an internship prototype test and took about two weeks to finish.

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Full Sail

03 February 2017

Feb. 2016 - Jun. 2016 Full Sail is a sea faring game, where you start as a unrecognized pirate. Who wants to make their name in history. When you are at sea, you can destroy ships, break sails, board other ships. Doing what ever it take for the world to know your name and become King of the pirates. At port, upgrade your ships in various ways that fit your playstyle. Buy crew to keep the ship going, food to keep your crew from dying, and rum well you’re a pirate why not?! Rum helps with your boarding strength against...

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02 February 2017

April 2015 - July 2015 Apoptosis is a multiplayer Real-Time-Strategy where the battles take place in the world of the microscopic. The player takes control of a group of cells with varied attributes and taking advantage of the environment and the ability to replicate - attempts to destroy the opponent's cells. The player begins the game with the basic type of cells and aims to increase their number as soon as possible, while the opponent does the same. Cells have a store of protein which they use to stay alive and split. The player selects, controls and orders his units...

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